When does Political Correctness go to far?

Today I read a news story about how an Indianapolis Veterans hospital director took down a historic newspaper that was framed and hung with other WWII memorabilia because one employee was offended by the word JAP.




While I can understand the need to be sensitive to all of our fellow human beings… this is history.  I can’t help but to wonder when we will start rewriting history because it is offensive?  This person who was offended and called for it’s removal should be thanking their lucky stars that the war was ended and we have enjoyed many years of peace from it.  That they are able to work in the greatest nation in the world and have the freedom to say that they are offended by something.

This is history… and it’s a slap in the face to every member of the US Military that is currently protecting our freedoms… it’s a slap in the face to every veteran who has fought for this country… and a slap in the face to every fallen hero.  I will be writing my letter to the director of this hospital… will you?

Granted in today’s world it is absolutely wrong for someone to be called a “Jap”.  This paper should be proudly displayed for what it is… an artifact that shows we have learned from our mistakes.

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