Two Kitties in the Window

Windowkitties 002These are my two kitties… it got cool enough last night to open the window and enjoy the fresh air. Of course the little clowns had to climb in the window and get some fresh air.

In Lul’ville we have had near 100 degree heat now for a month straight. It was quite refreshing to be able to o Elvis in the window pen up the windows and air the place out last night.

One of the perks of Home Ownership now is that I can have pets… and all the benefits that come with it like a fat cat that likes to lick my leg to get me to pet her. (It’s annoying and she gets an instant reaction since it instantly gets my attention. Then there is my incredibly fast growing Kitten Elvis. He’s only five months old now and is almost as big as Priscilla (who is a 3 year old Tonkinese). He was lounging in the window this morning cute as a button.

For those who have never had pets in your life… you don’t know what you are missing. They love you unconditionally… greet you at the door and are a never ending source of entertainment.

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