100_0475As many of you know from the news we had TORNADOS in the Louisville Area last night.   I was online chatting with my friend Nan in New Jersey when suddenly the weather alert went off telling me that law enforcement has spotted a tornado on the ground in Valley Station… where I live.


I packed up the two fat kitties and was getting ready to flee to moms… usually we have about a 30 min warning, but this time the storm was right on top of us… literally there.  The picture up top was from my porch you can see just a slight cone behind the trees… if I drove to mom’s I would head right into it.



A few minutes later it was getting bigger and coming right towards my house… I really was starting to worry… I did not have any place to go… and I live in the proverbial tornado magnet… aka a mobile home park.  Thankfully as it got closer it began to dissipate.  It was dropping down to the ground.


Thankfully it fizzled… this one came close… way to close.


It moved on to hit Churchill Downs… which until yesterday has never been hit by a tornado in the 134 years it has been there.  The storm went on to hit Papa John’s stadium and close to where I work across town.


The tornado alarm went off continuously until about 2am last night… thankfully we did not get hit as bad as other places in the nation.

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