The Derby Season Is Upon Us

Churchill Downs It’s that time of the year again folks… soon the call to the post will sound and the horses will be loaded into the staring gates.

This may not seem like much for those who do not live in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area, but for us residents it’s either the best of times or the worst of times.

Personally I can understand the horse race, it’s historical, it is a part of our culture, but Thunder Over Louisville always saddens me400px-Thunder_over_louisville.  Yeah the fireworks are awesome, they are pretty, they are loud.  But I have to wonder what the social and environmental impacts of this event are?

I have witnessed the trash left behind after this event on the waterfront.  It usually measures in TONS… yes TONS.  And it takes days to clean up.  Then there’s the social aspect, how many people could be fed by the millions of dollars of fireworks that go up in smoke?  How much human suffering can be abated by the money spent on fireworks?

Well… that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  — Allen

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