Storms… Storms and More Storms

Here we go again folks… more storms.  It seems like it never wants to let up… and it seems like it’s always on my off day.

This time I did not have the damage that the last one brought. My garbage can stayed put and I did not have to go hunt it down.

6a0148c78b79ee970c016766f79235970b-800wiWe did have a significant amount of hail this time.  Thankfully our power did not go out this time.  Our weather patterns have been like this all spring… we have a stretch of insanely dry hot days followed by a cool down with wet moist air which always brings storms.

The storm we had Tuesday snapped four electric poles in a row off of Dixie Highway and we were without power for a while.  My Grandmother always said, “God sends the rainy days so we appreciate the pretty ones more.”

Seems like the pretty days are fewer and far between anymore… it’s either too hot and brutal dry air… or torrential rain.  Nothing in between anymore.

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