Start a new position tomorrow

Job PromotionWell 6:00 AM is going to get here early in the morning.  It is going to be weird waking up when it’s dark and going to work and coming home in the daylight… when I’m used to going to work in the high noon sun and coming home in the moonlight.  I will miss driving home with the sunroof open and the moon above my head.  But now I can actually take advantage of my Costco membership and shop at healthier stores like whole-foods and Trader Joes on my way home.

I have been promoted out of the Tech Support / Repair department and am moving into the Billing / Retention department.  It’s a different kind of customer service, but one where I can help the customers the best.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of it.  I think I am going to like my new supervisors too.  I’ve always had the best supervisors and both of them in that department seem to be very kind and good hearted.

This next week will be about adjusting to the shift, adjusting my insulin, training to new systems… and meeting new people on my team.  I’m proud of my company and look forward to the new perspective.


Start a new position tomorrow — 2 Comments

  1. It will take you a few days but you will love having your nights and weekends, I’m so happy for you, when you get adjusted and caught up with everything lets plan you coming down for a day or so, call me when you can. Love you

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