Careful with medicine, alternative treatments, and pets.

I have a friend who rescues kitties who told me a very sad story about a poor little white kitten who needlessly died because of a popular alternative therapy treatment… a treatment that was 100% natural and organic.  Her owners tried to treat  fleas with tea tree oil.  While it is true that tea tree oil is highly toxic to bugs… it’s also highly toxic to cats, dogs, and even humans if taken internally.

I am sure that these pet owners were acting with the best intentions as tea tree oil is touted to be a miracle cure in all the alternative health circles.  It cures everything from herpes warts to toenail fungus… kills bacteria… bugs… whatever.  Unfortunately it will also kill your pets.  These are the people who treat their pets illnesses with coconut oil, and other alternative treatments.

Poor little white lady did not make it… they brought it in to euthanize it but the animal hospital had them sign her over to them to try to save it and readopt her.  Unfortunately she absorbed too much of the oil… and it was too late to do anything for her.  Poor little girl fought the good fight, but the oil caused irreparable neurological damage and in the end her skin peeled.

Many things are poisonous to pets… some think it’s ok to give them baby aspirin, people food such as chocolate, and other treats… but things made for people can kill your animals.  If you are in need of care for a sick animal reach out to some of us on Facebook.  There are vets who will answer questions for free rather than see an animal suffer.  Please don’t make a sick animal worse.  Use only products designed for safe usage on pets.

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