Passing of Aunt Ruby

August 8, 1919 – May 16, 2010


Harry Ruby 75th - 057

My Dear Aunt Ruby passed away today, I will miss her terribly.  This came unexpectedly before the family reunion.  Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as they travel to pay their respects to this beautiful person.

For everyone that has a treasured elderly person in your life, take a moment to visit them… call them.  Share their memories, and listen to their stories.  Make sure that they have all they need to be comfortable.  Share a meal with them from time to time.  Treasure each moment as if you will never have another, for you never know when it may be the last.


If I should go tomorrow
It would never be goodbye,
For I have left my heart with you,
So don’t you ever cry.
The love that’s deep within me,
Shall reach you from the stars,
You’ll feel it from the heavens,
And it will heal the scars.

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