100_0475As many of you know from the news we had TORNADOS in the Louisville Area last night.   I was online chatting with my friend Nan in New Jersey when suddenly the weather alert went off telling me that law enforcement has spotted a tornado on the ground in Valley Station… where I live.


I packed up the two fat kitties and was getting ready to flee to moms… usually we have about a 30 min warning, but this time the storm was right on top of us… literally there.  The picture up top was from my porch you can see just a slight cone behind the trees… if I drove to mom’s I would head right into it.



A few minutes later it was getting bigger and coming right towards my house… I really was starting to worry… I did not have any place to go… and I live in the proverbial tornado magnet… aka a mobile home park.  Thankfully as it got closer it began to dissipate.  It was dropping down to the ground.


Thankfully it fizzled… this one came close… way to close.


It moved on to hit Churchill Downs… which until yesterday has never been hit by a tornado in the 134 years it has been there.  The storm went on to hit Papa John’s stadium and close to where I work across town.


The tornado alarm went off continuously until about 2am last night… thankfully we did not get hit as bad as other places in the nation.

Household Blah

Let’s see… what do I need to do tomorrow… wash laundry, fold laundry, iorn, scrub toilets, vacuum, wash the cat’s bowl out, clean the litter box, clean the house, rake up some leaves if it’s not too wet.

Housework is a never ending battle.  We all see photographs of beautiful homes in magazines and I have came to the conclusion either those people have maids, or those places just don’t exist.  When does it end?  soon as I clean something it seems like it’s dirty when I look at it again.

I’m debating on staying in and clean or say to ____ with it all and just go to a movie… lessee… I’ve not seen True Grit yet… Movie… yeah… looking better than my house right now.

Famly is Family

Family is Family no matter what. The older I get the more I realize it. Our time on earth is short, celebrate every excuse we have to celebrate, birthdays, Christmas, whatever. Every day is a GIFT!

Love them like you may lose them tomorrow… life is just too short.

Tara Raye (cousin), Me, Aunt Grace, Patty (kneeling Cousin) and Brandy the dog.

Merry Christmas Everyone

May Peace PrevailTo all my friends and family across the world… Merry Christmas… please meditate and pray on peace… that everyone’s needs are fulfilled… and everyone finds the true comfort and joy of the season.

We all have had our struggles this year, may 2011 be a much better year… may our soldiers come home safe… may those who are seeking jobs find them.

Just wanted everyone to know I love you all… and may you have a holiday filled with love. Allen

Elvis is back to his old personality…

100_0443I still don’t think he is fully out of the woods, but he is acting more like his self now… not as fat as he once was, but definitely up to his old rotten self.

I’m feeding him anything he will eat… and he’s eating quite well.

Also, Mom, that pretty new rug you gave me… he scoots it all over the floor… and loves it.  Guess it keeps the floor warm.

For all 100_0440that have prayed for him, I thank you so much.  Your prayers seem to have worked, and now I got my Christmas gift… I did not have to put my little buddy down.

I still have to give him medication, and will have to monitor him closely to watch and see if he quits eating, but he’s alive… and doing well.

He was laying under the Christmas tree the other day and I smiled and thanked God… for my Christmas present… little buddy is going to be ok… what more could I ask for.

Elvis is EATING!!!

Elvis Kitty is EATING!!!

Today I said heck with it… I have been so depressed with Elvis, being stuck at home and praying that he would start eating. I fed him and he fought me terribly this morning.

I went grocery shopping with mom and picked up a few cans of food that he seemed to like in the past (Friskies Sea Captain’s Choice) and the dry food I had him on before I switched to the Wellness formula indoor cat.

I put a bit of the sea captain’s choice down… when I would put wet food down he would sniff it and then scratch at the floor like he was burying his poop. Then I would have to force feed it.

When I opened the can I heard a little cry, “mew” from him… I looked and he was sniffing head bobbing up and down, he started to do this before and was crushed when he did not eat.

I put down a bit of the can and he quickly mopped it up, took a drink and went for the dry. I put about 1/2 of the can down and he polished it off eating like he was starved then went back to the dry… he’s almost got the rest of the canned food gone.

You don’t know how happy this has made me… now the big question is, will he keep it down. If he vomits the cycle will start again, please pray that tum-tum doesn’t get upset.

Still not out of the woods, but this is the most hopeful I have been since thanksgiving day when he got sick… you don’t know how happy this has made me!

Thanks Mom!!!

Two days off and I look around my house thinking about everythign I need to do.  Still nursing the kitty to health and he’s doing much better, just need to get him to eat on his own.  Thanks mom for the new kitchen rug… makes things very nice.

Still have quite a bit of housework to do, but not as much as I once did.  Thanks mom for everything, you don’t know how much better I feel about my home now.

Nursing a sick kitty back to health.

PICT1066 400x300.jpg Thanksgiving day I was off… and woke up to find my cat in the middle of the floor listless… he had vomited yellow foam and I knew that was not a good thing.  I scooped him up and his head just flopped over, he did not have the strength to look up.

I was heart broken and called mom… who I had to beg at first to come and take us to the Emergency vet.  I called around to find the cheapest appointment and off we went to Metropolitan Vetrinary Specialists and Emergency Care, on the other side of town of course.  It was a long, cold drive out there and we met a wonderful doctor named Dr. Allgeir who said that Elvis had a chance, but we would have to really work at it to save him.  Mom tried to get me to consider putting him down, but after raising the little critter with a bottle and he is only a little over 3 years old I just did not have the heart too.  I had to try, I couldn’t just put him down.

In order to cure hepatic lipidosis, you have to force feed the kitty every 3-4 hours.  So the feedings began promptly that night.  Thanksgiving was miserable for mom and me, the first few days he did not put up any resistance to the feeding.  Now that he is 9 days into it… he is much stronger and it is becoming more difficult to feed him.

Elvis had a terrible yellow color around his ears, his eyes and gums… that has started to clear up.  He’s far from out of the woods… we may have to feed him like this for another two weeks or so until we can get him to eat again, but he is showing lots of improvement.  Everyone keep their fingers crossed.

New Job Jitters

Today I got to do something I haven’t done in far to long… and it brought a lot of joy to my heart.  I went to Church with my Mom… and we both enjoyed it. I have left my job at the Frazier Museum to take a job that utilizes my internet / computer knowledge better… I start tomorrow and since I had the rare weekend off I decided to go to Church.

We were members of Parkwood United Methodist Church years and years ago and it has recently merged with several other United Methodist Churches to form a larger Church called Mosaic United Methodist Church.  I haven’t enjoyed going to Church in a long time… I really enjoyed this Church.

Tomorrow I start a new job… with new people… it’s intimidating I must say, but it’s time to start a new chapter in my life.  I am so blessed to be able to leave one job for another… when there are not enough jobs out there.  I hope that my old job will be a blessing to someone else who needs it.  I hate leaving because the people there were like family… I will miss them, but do not plan on being a stranger for too long, I will pop in and see them from time to time.

I am so blessed, I have a home, I have a wonderful mom, I have a job, and I thank God for everything.