Good Chicken Salad



Let’s face it, a good chicken salad on a croissant is a taste of the divine.  I like to keep a tub of Chicken or Ham Salad on hand for the days I don’t feel like cooking which happens about every third day in rotation.  Chicken salad is an American tradition and there are many variations out there… in the summer you add grapes, in the fall dried cranberries are an awesome addition. .  Here’s my recipe it’s quite simple and delicious.

If you don’t feel like eating the bread it can be served on top of a bed of salad greens, there are endless variations to the theme.  It’s good with a bowl of soup… or sometimes if it’s the really good stuff I just eat it out of the container.  Any way you do it there isn’t any wrong way… just enjoy!

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One Pan Chicken Chicken Cacciatore


One Pan Chicken Cacciatore

One Pan Chicken

This is guaranteed to make your whole house smell wonderful… basal and oregano have the most wonderful scent together.  Facebook friends, go to my blog for the Full Recipe and yes this is my Kitchen in the pics, not much to see but it’s my home.  This was enough adding some basmati rice on the side and some steamed broccoli to make two frozen dinners for work and one healthy dinner for Allen the night of cooking.

It also was very cruel to the kitty kats because they were begging for whatever might fall off my fork.  Fat chance of that.

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Passing of Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank w/ Grandson

Uncle Frank w/ Grandson

It is with great sadness today that I am posting them uncle Frank passed away after an illness around 3 PM yesterday afternoon.

Our family reunion for 2012 has been canceled please keep our family and friends in prayer as a travel to Valdosta Georgia.

I planned to take vacation time to be around for the family reunion this year but I will be doing other things now.

I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their love and understanding. Again please keep my family in the prayer as we have many traveling very far and are going to have a very long trip

Birthday Was Wonderful! So was Father’s Day

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba

I had a wonderful lunch at the Queen of Sheba with my Mother.  They are an African restaurant that serves authentic Ethiopian food. The food there is very healthy consisting of very lean meats and highly spiced and fragrant vegetables served on a plate that is covered with Injara bread that becomes your fork, if you eat it traditionally.  Of course they will provide a fork if you want to eat it American style.

They also serve a spiced ice tea that is absolutely amazing.  I have not watched mom eat so much food in one sitting in a long time.  It made me happy just to see her eat a good meal… and the food there is amazingly reasonable and the portions are wonderfully robust. Continue reading

Loving my new job… tomorrow is my Birthday… sigh

I am off weekends now… sooner or later this mess of a house will get cleaned.  Well maybe later than sooner.  I’ve been conquering the mountain of dirty laundry… trying to figure out what’s in fridge that died… and keep the three kitty monsters happy.



Anyhow… tomorrow is my Birthday.  Usually I don’t look forward to them at all.  I can’t really say that they have all been good ones but I usually spend them with those that 100_0526I love the most.  I plan on having a wonderful lunch with my mom and spending the day out getting into whatever.

My kitties have already left me a birthday gift.  I gave them a stuffed mouse which they have properly killed and deposited on my bed this morning.  Poor pitiful little stuffed  mouse… how awful your suffering must have been.  After all they spilled your little polyester guts all over the place.

Right now al three of them are sitting in the floor looking up at me wondering what I’m doing to their poor dead stuffed mouse after I took a picture of it.


I plan on having lunch at one of my favorite Restaurants, the Queen of Sheba where they serve Ethiopian food.  Exotic spices and a wonderful bread make the meal… I also am looking forward to the spiced tea they serve.  After that, I hope to make it to some of the museums I haven’t been to in a while.


Anyhow… I’ll let everyone know what happens tomorrow.  I will post pictures.

A Bundle of Energy

Coffee!!Well… I just woke up and there is NO going back to sleep now.  It’s almost 4:30 and I’m wired for 220 Volts.  There’s no sleep for me for the rest of the morning.  If I were to go back to bed it’s over!

I’m up… and that’s that!  So what am I going to do?  Welll lets see… Dishes need to be put away… table needs to be cleared… Kitties need to be brushed… and I can find much more to do.

I will be heading in for work… WELL caffenated now.  I have a feeling I’m going to come home tonight and CRASH.

Start a new position tomorrow

Job PromotionWell 6:00 AM is going to get here early in the morning.  It is going to be weird waking up when it’s dark and going to work and coming home in the daylight… when I’m used to going to work in the high noon sun and coming home in the moonlight.  I will miss driving home with the sunroof open and the moon above my head.  But now I can actually take advantage of my Costco membership and shop at healthier stores like whole-foods and Trader Joes on my way home.

I have been promoted out of the Tech Support / Repair department and am moving into the Billing / Retention department.  It’s a different kind of customer service, but one where I can help the customers the best.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of it.  I think I am going to like my new supervisors too.  I’ve always had the best supervisors and both of them in that department seem to be very kind and good hearted.

This next week will be about adjusting to the shift, adjusting my insulin, training to new systems… and meeting new people on my team.  I’m proud of my company and look forward to the new perspective.

Getting Ready for the Family Reunion

family reunionIt’s getting closer and closer… My birthday will be the weekend before … reunion will be the next weekend.  I am in some ways excited about the reunion… and in some ways feeling strange because we are nowhere near close to being ready for it.

My Aunt Julia B. is the host for it this year, and I hope that it is going to be a special one for her.  Aunt Jude (as we call her), has not had the best of health in a while and she is really looking forward to seeing everyone.  She’s battled Breast Cancer, and a host of other health issues.  Every day we have Aunt Jude is a gift.

For all my cousin’s out there… please come to this reunion.  The time for some of us is getting shorter.  We need to treasure each other while we still can.  Just in this past year all of our Great Aunts and Uncles are gone.  We need to treasure our older family while we still have them.

Storms… Storms and More Storms

Here we go again folks… more storms.  It seems like it never wants to let up… and it seems like it’s always on my off day.

This time I did not have the damage that the last one brought. My garbage can stayed put and I did not have to go hunt it down.

6a0148c78b79ee970c016766f79235970b-800wiWe did have a significant amount of hail this time.  Thankfully our power did not go out this time.  Our weather patterns have been like this all spring… we have a stretch of insanely dry hot days followed by a cool down with wet moist air which always brings storms.

The storm we had Tuesday snapped four electric poles in a row off of Dixie Highway and we were without power for a while.  My Grandmother always said, “God sends the rainy days so we appreciate the pretty ones more.”

Seems like the pretty days are fewer and far between anymore… it’s either too hot and brutal dry air… or torrential rain.  Nothing in between anymore.