Healthy Greek Salad

Greek Salata

Perfect Mix of Greens and Flavor

There is nothing better than a good crisp salad flavored with feta cheese and healthy Mediterranean oils.  Fresh flavorful tomatoes and sweet red onions add to the goodness of this healthy salad.

Did you know that the right amount of healthy fat is necessary in order to absorb all the vitamins in the vegetables?

One of my favorite people in Louisville serves up this salad every day in her Deli off of Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews.  If you don’t feel like making it yourself, I highly recommend that you visit Maria Bell and take some of her’s home with you (although I’m certain she uses other secret ingredients.)  Enjoy… or OPA!!!

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Best Ever Cranberry Relish

Best Ever Cranberry Relish

Best Ever Cranberry Relish

Cranberry sauce is a disgusting glob of gelatinous goop that comes out of a can.  Cranberry relish is a nutritious salad-like condiment that is made with the goodness of the whole cranberry.  It’s only draw back is it does have a healthy dose of sugar in it, but since it is only usually eaten during the holidays it’s a seasonal treat.

One thing that my mother absolutely has to have with her dressing is cranberry sauce.  Sometimes when we eat out and find dressing on a buffet my mother will ask for it even in the middle of July.

My Grandmother made the best cranberry relish ever, I watched her make it dozens of times, but unfortunately she never used a recipe and it varied from time to time.  I have tried dozens of recipes and this one is the closest to grandma’s… I have combined the best out of the dozens of recipes that I have tried and came up with this.

The addition of the Grand Mariner was suggested by a Chef that would visit the Frazier Museum from time to time on catering jobs.  I can occasionally get one or two of those airline sized bottles and that’s just enough to do it.  It is totally optional, but adds an amazing depth of flavor to the recipe. Continue reading

Batchelor Bites – Personal Meat Loafs

Batchelor Bites - Personal Meat Loafs

Bachelor Bites Personal Meat Loafs

Cook ahead and have your own meat loaf whenever you want.  As a single guy who likes to cook for himself and

have food ready for a few days in advance I have learned a trick or two (this one thanks to Rachel Ray’s magazine in a doctor office waiting room).

Make your favorite meat loaf… any recipe and use a non-stick muffin tin (reserve it for meat as it does not bake breads well after this) to bake your meat loafs.  The smaller size will have them done in about 12-15 mins… and if you want to get fancy to impress a lady frost with mashed potatoes… sprinkle with cheese and put back in for a min under a broiler to toast the potatoes and melt the cheese.

These little meat loafs freeze well, if they are not frosted with the mashed potatoes, and heat well in the microwave.  Just a touch of ketchup and you have a meal on hand whenever you want to grab it.

Chinese Five Spice Pumpkin Pie

My oh my... pumpking pie.

My oh my… pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie is almost unavoidable during the fall.  Not so bad, because it tastes great and really feels like the season.

This fall is turning out quite nice just a little too warm some days and too cool others, we haven’t really had the crisp fall weather that is a hallmark of the season.  I love the way my home smells when a good pumpkin pie is in the oven.

So it’s just the time for a pumpkin pie.  This version is based off a classic and simple recipe, all I have done is add a little five spice powder to the mix to give it a flavor profile that seems just right to me.  It’s important that you use good quality spices… smell and taste them first to make sure that the aroma is right and that they are potent.  I use a bit more spice than most traditional recipes call for.

A fresh, homemade crust and delicious filling can’t really be improved by tampering too much.  The Five Spice ads an interesting delicate flavor that enhances the goodness of the pumpkin.  Enjoy Continue reading

Man of Steel

mosI went to see Man of Steel and while I enjoyed the origin story of Superman in this reimaging the ending left me a bit shocked.  I am not sure I want to see this one go on to a sequel.  The story opens and spends the first half of the movie as Clark Kent… only not as the reporter from the original cannon.  Clark was a drifter going from place to place and not accepted the opening sequence on the oil derrick was amazing.  I also enjoyed the discovery of his powers and how he learned he could fly… then the villains arrived.  I rather enjoyed this General Zod and his phantom zone escapees… however, I did not like the way that the movie ended.   I have marked the rest of my review as a spoiler, please be warned that if you have not seen the movie it will reveal the climax of the ending.

The superman of my childhood would never, ever kill under any circumstances… while this one by all logic did what had to be done as many humans would have died if he did not take a life, I just couldn’t accept the the ending where he killed General Zod I sat there in total disbelief and shock.  You could hear a pin drop in the theater as everyone there seemed to have the same shock level.  I am not so inclined to want to go see a sequel if he is going to be the executioner of the evil ones… in some way this has tarnished Superman in my heart.

Henry Cavil did an excellent job in portraying Superman… I even liked the updated costume.  The movie would have been perfect if General Zod was somehow sent back to the phantom zone, but I am still trying to get over Superman killing him.
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Aunt Julia B. Thanks All Who Have Prayed For Her

image1_thumb.jpgMy visit with Aunt Julia (Jude for some) was very pleasant this afternoon.  She was very spry and talkative today I watched her eat her entire dinner and she is doing wonderful.  She is very thankful for all the prayers that everyone has offered for her and is thankful for every moment she’s alive.  She says every day is a precious gift from God and she’s here to help someone, that there must be some reason why she’s here.

I’m so proud of her,she’s walking short distances with her walker and going to rehab every day.  She’s hoping to walk to the Chapel service of the recovery home tomorrow.

It’s amazing that just two weeks ago we were all told to gather ALL of the family in as it could be any moment.  Her cardiologist said that he’s never saw anyone her age pull through all that she’s pulled through.  I admire her spirit… she’s definitely one of a kind and I am so proud of her.  Please continue to pray her recovery continues.  And I’ll pass any messages on from the distant family if you leave comments here.


F.R.O.G. Jam – It’s Delicious

Frog Jam

Frog Jam

First thing’s first, there are NO frogs in this Jam… It stands for Figs, Raspberries, Oranges, and Ginger… and it is a wickedly good combination.  The colors often vary and it has a texture kinda like berry preserve and marmalade.

Sometimes I like to add a small squirt of green food coloring just to make things interesting.

I often eat a good smear of this on a nutri-grain waffle… mo healthy! Continue reading

Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

There’s nothing more stick to your ribs than chicken and dumplings.  This recipe can be made with a rotisserie chicken purchased at almost any grocery store for a very reasonable price.  If you play your cards right you can often make several tasty meals out of one rotisserie chicken.

I find the best rotisserie chickens to be those that are well done.  I try to pick the ones with the most blackened skin on them as most of the chicken fat would have dripped out of them.  The dark meat is healthier and can be used in recipes like this chicken bake.  The white meat can be eaten on it’s own with some good veggies.

I will be posting many other recipes that make full use of Rotisserie chickens.  They are a good source of protein and are usually quite reasonable for what you get.  I usually de-bone and freeze the meat when I can catch them on sale.  Once all the meat is picked from the bones you can easily boil the bones to make some of the richest chicken stock you ever tasted.  This can be reduced down by allowing to simmer and concentrate and frozen for later use.

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Saggy Baggy Pants, Whale Tails, and Muffin Tops

OK… here I go again on my soapbox about how people dress now.  It’s sad that no one seems to take pride in their appearance anymore.

Have you all noticed so many guys with Saggy Baggy Pants?  Yesterday I gave a good friend a ride from work and I had a jaywalker cross the street in front of me.  His drawers were so droopy that he had to use one arm to hold them up.  Of course being the ___hole that I can be sometime when I saw him slowly hobbling across the road I laid on the horn and gave him a bit of a scare.  He almost lost them as he tried to hurry across the road. Continue reading

Summer Vegetable Soup

Summer Soup

Summer Soup

Nothing is healthier for lunch than a good bowl of soup.  I made this to bring to work today for lunch.  It’s excellent pared with my Chicken Salad on Deli thins for bread.  Soup is something that has a high water content and is easily digestible.  It can be eaten year round and there are literally thousands of varieties of soup.

This particular soup can have any kind of squash, onions, beans at hand, peas, greens or whatever else you can think of it.  The variations on the recipe are endless.

Desert is a nice Fuji Apple and a touch of salt.  Can’t get any better than this.  Click read more for the recipe.

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