New Job Jitters

Today I got to do something I haven’t done in far to long… and it brought a lot of joy to my heart.  I went to Church with my Mom… and we both enjoyed it. I have left my job at the Frazier Museum to take a job that utilizes my internet / computer knowledge better… I start tomorrow and since I had the rare weekend off I decided to go to Church.

We were members of Parkwood United Methodist Church years and years ago and it has recently merged with several other United Methodist Churches to form a larger Church called Mosaic United Methodist Church.  I haven’t enjoyed going to Church in a long time… I really enjoyed this Church.

Tomorrow I start a new job… with new people… it’s intimidating I must say, but it’s time to start a new chapter in my life.  I am so blessed to be able to leave one job for another… when there are not enough jobs out there.  I hope that my old job will be a blessing to someone else who needs it.  I hate leaving because the people there were like family… I will miss them, but do not plan on being a stranger for too long, I will pop in and see them from time to time.

I am so blessed, I have a home, I have a wonderful mom, I have a job, and I thank God for everything.


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  1. Al,

    Zoe told me about the job change (today is her birthday, by the way). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! All good things to you. YOU DESERVE IT!


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