Mr. Goodbar – not so good anymore!!!

I’m about ready to go off… you just can’t get good chocolate anymore and now the latest victim of the economy is the once high quality Hershey’s Chocolate. My favorite candy bar -was- the Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar. It was simple… salted peanuts and high quality Hershey’s milk chocolate. That was before Christmas when I got one out of the work vending machine and was horrified by what I got… the Chocolate did not melt and when I looked at the label it now says "Made -with- Chocolate. and peanuts"… and they shamefully shrink the words made with so that the unsuspecting consumer won’t notice. This one noticed as soon as it was in my mouth!



Being diabetic… I occasionally splurge for a candy bar and the peanut’s protein kind of balances the carbs and makes it just slightly (enough that I don’t feel guilty) better for me than the straight chocolate bar… and I just -like- peanuts.


Upon calling Hershey’s they stated that the coco-butter is removed and replaced by a high quality vegetable oil product. However when they do this the mockolate just will not melt … and when it does it’s waxy and not creamy. They also stated that in consumer tests the new formula was liked better because the peanut flavor came through stronger than the chocolate flavor. Well… the old candy bar stated "Peanuts in Milk Chocolate" you would think it would taste like milk chocolate… now it’s more like peanuts in Choco-wax.


Oh The horror of it all… Goodbye goodbar… now you are just a memory… another casualty to the bad economy.


Mr. Goodbar – not so good anymore!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, used to be one of my favorites. Not anymore. I just don’t like them anymore. They used to have such good consistency. Sigh. Like you said, nothing but a memory now.

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