Monster Kitty

Elvis on Mr. Suck-SuckI can’t believe how my little Elvis Kitty has grown… let’s just say that Little is not the word for the cat. When i first got him he was just a ball of fluff… and was so loving (he’s still loving but he’s a ball of something else). He was a kitten that we rescued and I never knew what a handful Elvis Sleeping on Couchhe would become… actually he was just a handful at that time… but my how times have changed.

Elive has grown steadily since I got him… but I will never forget what a cute kitten he was. The picture at the right was at his smallest… left he had grown a bit. Always was curious about the vacuum cleaner.

cats 039.JPGHe grew pretty quickly for a kitten… and filled his skin well… like most oriental breeds he was born light and continued to darken as he agedcats 045.JPG and bow did he grow and grow. Elvis in his adolescence was a hefty 14-16 pounder…. right now he weighs in at about 29 pounds but has been as heavy as 31 pounds. I feed him weight controlled food, but if I don’t keep food down Priscilla starves.

At least he’s not getting any fatter.PICT1484.jpg It’s hard to believe that the big boy at the bottom right is the same cute little kitten at the top… but that’s the bruiser. And the vet still thinks he is growing.

Animals are like our children… and believe me when I pick this one up I feel like I am lifting up a child.  As you can see from the picture to your right, Elvis lives up to his name… he’s a fatty.

I have had to put him on a restricted diet… but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

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