Loving my new job… tomorrow is my Birthday… sigh

I am off weekends now… sooner or later this mess of a house will get cleaned.  Well maybe later than sooner.  I’ve been conquering the mountain of dirty laundry… trying to figure out what’s in fridge that died… and keep the three kitty monsters happy.



Anyhow… tomorrow is my Birthday.  Usually I don’t look forward to them at all.  I can’t really say that they have all been good ones but I usually spend them with those that 100_0526I love the most.  I plan on having a wonderful lunch with my mom and spending the day out getting into whatever.

My kitties have already left me a birthday gift.  I gave them a stuffed mouse which they have properly killed and deposited on my bed this morning.  Poor pitiful little stuffed  mouse… how awful your suffering must have been.  After all they spilled your little polyester guts all over the place.

Right now al three of them are sitting in the floor looking up at me wondering what I’m doing to their poor dead stuffed mouse after I took a picture of it.


I plan on having lunch at one of my favorite Restaurants, the Queen of Sheba where they serve Ethiopian food.  Exotic spices and a wonderful bread make the meal… I also am looking forward to the spiced tea they serve.  After that, I hope to make it to some of the museums I haven’t been to in a while.


Anyhow… I’ll let everyone know what happens tomorrow.  I will post pictures.


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