If you don’t fit… please don’t sit!!!

You know my ass is getting OLD and cranky. While visiting a relative in the hospital… I ate a simple soup/salad lunch out today with mom and was comfortable in a booth I had PLENTY of room between my chest and the table. I don’t condone fat bashing as really I have no room but this rather large woman came in and sat down in the seat behind me and literally my comfortable 2 inch gap between the table and myself instantly became ZERO – RIGHT up to my ribcage.

To make matters worth every time the lady breathed I could feel the table PUSHING into my ribs… I mean I felt every BREATH SHE TOOK.  Luckily we were at the end of our meal and mom got up to use the restroom and when I got up this lady had the nerve to call me out for bumping the backrest when I got up.  Never mind that I’m struggling with a bad hip.  She said, “Excuse me ASSHOLE but I’M Sitting here too.”

Now I hate to be nasty, but she really was not very nice to me.  I looked her dead in the eye and said, “Yes MS. BITCH I know you were sitting there.  I was very aware from the moment you sat down and shoved my ribs into the table in front of me.  In fact I WAS AWARE EVERY TIME YOU TOOK A BREATH… I was ESPECIALLY aware when you took  a deep breath and complained about this and complained about that.  Next time think about getting a table with a chair… if you don’t fit, please don’t sit!”

In retrospect I probably could have been nicer… I understand being large… I used to be a lot larger than this and I have many beautiful large friends.  But my large friends, and even myself knows when we don’t fit and I’m sure none of us sit when we don’t fit.

Off of my rant… ’nuff said.


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