Happy Birthday Mom!!! I Love you!


Mom’s Birthday

Today isn’t just Thanksgiving, it’s also Hanukkah, holidays to many people around the world.  It also happens to be my Mom’s Birthday.  I want to wish my Mother a very happy birthday today.  Mom is spending the day with family and she always gives so much of herself.  She is currently caring for Aunt Julia who needs 24/7 care due to end stage kidney failure… and she took the time to make sure a shut in cousin who is a veteran, confined to a wheelchair had a special thanksgiving dinner brought to him. My mother is such a giving, special person that I wanted to take a moment to honor her and wish her the best.  I only wish I could afford to give her a nice vacation to a resort somewhere so that she could be pampered a little herself.  Mom, I love you… happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Mom!!! I Love you! — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Juanita this picture was seven years ago on a birthday and she was very happy… I wish we could all go out like that again but poor Aunt Judy is home bound and not able to get out. Prom is an angel for taking care of her. Call mom sometime she would love to hear from you Juanita… I miss you to… Love to see you ((hugs))

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