Getting Ready for the Family Reunion

family reunionIt’s getting closer and closer… My birthday will be the weekend before … reunion will be the next weekend.  I am in some ways excited about the reunion… and in some ways feeling strange because we are nowhere near close to being ready for it.

My Aunt Julia B. is the host for it this year, and I hope that it is going to be a special one for her.  Aunt Jude (as we call her), has not had the best of health in a while and she is really looking forward to seeing everyone.  She’s battled Breast Cancer, and a host of other health issues.  Every day we have Aunt Jude is a gift.

For all my cousin’s out there… please come to this reunion.  The time for some of us is getting shorter.  We need to treasure each other while we still can.  Just in this past year all of our Great Aunts and Uncles are gone.  We need to treasure our older family while we still have them.


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  1. Hope you and your Mom can come for a visit this summer Allen!! Love and Hugs to you Cuz!!

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