Extremeists EVERYWHERE

stock-photo-extremists-word-indicating-dogmatism-words-and-text-325434716I am watching in horror as I see things on the news, on facebook, on the radio… EVERYWHERE where someone can congregate and be angry. I see large crowds protesting in Airports… Large crowds protesting in the streets blocking traffic. I see women dressed as Vaginas… and on the flip side I see people in other countries training terrorists… I see people killing people in a mosque and then there are those who hold the Bible and protest abortions, and then a smaller group that shoots up abortion clinics.

What some people DO NOT understand s every group has their extremists… Islam, Christianity, Republicans, Democrats anyone with an idea… but that does not mean that the extremists represent the whole of that group.

We must endeavor to stop calling people Racists who are not Racist… we must work to build bridges and see people as they are. Not everyone thinks the same way… believes the same way… values the same things… or even dresses the same way.


Love or Hate… those emotions are universal…
… What is your choice?

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