Elvis is back to his old personality…

100_0443I still don’t think he is fully out of the woods, but he is acting more like his self now… not as fat as he once was, but definitely up to his old rotten self.

I’m feeding him anything he will eat… and he’s eating quite well.

Also, Mom, that pretty new rug you gave me… he scoots it all over the floor… and loves it.  Guess it keeps the floor warm.

For all 100_0440that have prayed for him, I thank you so much.  Your prayers seem to have worked, and now I got my Christmas gift… I did not have to put my little buddy down.

I still have to give him medication, and will have to monitor him closely to watch and see if he quits eating, but he’s alive… and doing well.

He was laying under the Christmas tree the other day and I smiled and thanked God… for my Christmas present… little buddy is going to be ok… what more could I ask for.

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