Aunt Julia B. Thanks All Who Have Prayed For Her

image1_thumb.jpgMy visit with Aunt Julia (Jude for some) was very pleasant this afternoon.  She was very spry and talkative today I watched her eat her entire dinner and she is doing wonderful.  She is very thankful for all the prayers that everyone has offered for her and is thankful for every moment she’s alive.  She says every day is a precious gift from God and she’s here to help someone, that there must be some reason why she’s here.

I’m so proud of her,she’s walking short distances with her walker and going to rehab every day.  She’s hoping to walk to the Chapel service of the recovery home tomorrow.

It’s amazing that just two weeks ago we were all told to gather ALL of the family in as it could be any moment.  Her cardiologist said that he’s never saw anyone her age pull through all that she’s pulled through.  I admire her spirit… she’s definitely one of a kind and I am so proud of her.  Please continue to pray her recovery continues.  And I’ll pass any messages on from the distant family if you leave comments here.


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