This is for my friends at PagTen

My friends at Pagten…

A lot of us have been through some cosmic $— (sorry wordpress censors things) here lately.  Tonight I had some energy to burn and I didn’t know what else to do and I have done some sound healing with my music.

I wrote this piece with Zelizi in mind, but as it moved I felt a little presence of Rowan in it.  Normally I am a musical perfectionist, but being as this piece is a channeled piece there’s a few very grating and obvious mess ups in chord progressions and the spirit of play came in when one of the cats rubbed against my leg.  I don’t go back and clean up something that was channeled and meant to heal.  I hope that somehow this helps get people unblocked that are blocked.  Believe me I’ve had some physical and creative blockages here lately and this really moved them tonight.

Here’s my original piece… everyone enjoy… I call it 4 Zelizi and Friends

But I didn’t stop there… I’ve heard this song five or more times today so I thought I would give it a go on the keyboard.

Then when I feel my saddest I go to this one… I know it’s not always a happy song, but this is my interpretation of it.  It always makes me feel better because I imagine the best in everyone when I hear it.

And I know that many of you have not actually heard me sing… these are some of my recordings I have recently done.  My voice is not constant, the sun and the moon have to be aligned just right for it to really sound good.  There were many retakes due to my shortness in breath and all of these were arranged by a friend who mixed the takes together to make a whole good song.   All of these I did the piano as well… and I once commanded a 4 octave range 🙂

Against all Odds – Recorded in 2016

No One Is to Blame – Recorded in 2012

Pride (U2 cover) – Recorded in 2016

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