Elvis is EATING!!!

Elvis Kitty is EATING!!!

Today I said heck with it… I have been so depressed with Elvis, being stuck at home and praying that he would start eating. I fed him and he fought me terribly this morning.

I went grocery shopping with mom and picked up a few cans of food that he seemed to like in the past (Friskies Sea Captain’s Choice) and the dry food I had him on before I switched to the Wellness formula indoor cat.

I put a bit of the sea captain’s choice down… when I would put wet food down he would sniff it and then scratch at the floor like he was burying his poop. Then I would have to force feed it.

When I opened the can I heard a little cry, “mew” from him… I looked and he was sniffing head bobbing up and down, he started to do this before and was crushed when he did not eat.

I put down a bit of the can and he quickly mopped it up, took a drink and went for the dry. I put about 1/2 of the can down and he polished it off eating like he was starved then went back to the dry… he’s almost got the rest of the canned food gone.

You don’t know how happy this has made me… now the big question is, will he keep it down. If he vomits the cycle will start again, please pray that tum-tum doesn’t get upset.

Still not out of the woods, but this is the most hopeful I have been since thanksgiving day when he got sick… you don’t know how happy this has made me!


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