The River is Rising

I just got back from the Farnsley Moreman Landing and the River is rising… and it’s no where near as high as it is going to get.  The steamboat dock is already under water.100_0197

The pylon sticking out of the water is usually where the steamboat pulls up and takes passengers.  I’ve never seen it this high or muddy.


The water is also making a strange sucking noise… and it’s moving fast.


Farnsley Moreman landing is as beautiful as ever now that the sun has came out.  No more stormclouds are in sight for a while.  I am off for three more days and will 100_0209 try to get some rest and recover from my surgery.


I will have to figure out how I am going to get my yard mowed… with all the rain the grass has sprouted up considerably after all the rain.  I cut it the day before my surgery thinking I would not have to deal with this and the stuff grew like three inches in 4 days.


Anyhow at least it’s Sunny and warm.  Count your blessings while you can!  I could be under water right now.

At least DERBY is OVER!!!

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