Saggy Baggy Pants, Whale Tails, and Muffin Tops

OK… here I go again on my soapbox about how people dress now.  It’s sad that no one seems to take pride in their appearance anymore.

Have you all noticed so many guys with Saggy Baggy Pants?  Yesterday I gave a good friend a ride from work and I had a jaywalker cross the street in front of me.  His drawers were so droopy that he had to use one arm to hold them up.  Of course being the ___hole that I can be sometime when I saw him slowly hobbling across the road I laid on the horn and gave him a bit of a scare.  He almost lost them as he tried to hurry across the road.

I don’t know what young people think… It’s not cool… it’s foolish.  I can’t imagine why someone would want to walk around struggling to hold their pants up.

And the sad part is that the Guys are not the only offenders in this mess… I see far too many young ladies who also have peek-a-boo drawers on.  There is the “Whale Tale” as illustrated to the right.  This is also something that is just WRONG on so many levels.

Not to be outdone there is the unisex “Muffin Top” this is where your belly has rolled over and is hugging your hip huggers instead of the other way around.

Guys and Gals… if your pants are too small it’s not cool… don’t go out in public like that.  It’s not attractive and it really gives some people a bad name.

And don’t get me started on other things that are just wrong.  I see so many people walking around at the mall wearing house shoes and pajamas.  This is not how you should go out in public.  And what about stretch pants?  Some people can wear them… some people who wear them should be ticketed for making them into stressed pants.  I will never forget being at a ball game once and watching a lady who was wearing a pair of stretch pants that were probably her very little sister’s pop like a balloon.  And then there are the “daisy dukes”… some things should not be allowed to be made in certain sizes.

For the record… I have no problem with big beautiful women… I prefer to date them but most that I know dress better on their worst days than most do now on their best days.


Saggy Baggy Pants, Whale Tails, and Muffin Tops — 6 Comments

  1. Shame you can’t legally post some of those photos. Oh the stories I am sure you can tell. After working at the jail I can honestly say that the truth trumps fiction anytime.

  2. I know what you mean Becky Nelson I remember a time (and I’m not that old) when going out meant that you dressed respectably. You wore nice clothes… heck even when we went to something like shakespeare in the park we dressed respectably. People had more pride in 2002 than they have in 2012. It seems like we have a culture of slobbery. All you need to do is go to to see what I mean.

  3. I’ve been wanting to yell that for years. I would propose that we also start a campaign teaching women to tuck their boobs in. I’m so tired of seeing WAY more than I want to! Seriously, if I wanted to see that much boob, i’d rent a porn movie!

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