My Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Zephyr Squash I have wanted to go to our new southwest farmer’s market for the past month, unfortunately I have been sick… or out of town to our family reunion. This Saturday, I actually made it there, and oh how wonderful it was.

Of all the things that I picked up, I found the most unusual squash called Zephyr Squash… half of it is yellow, the other half of it was green and they had the classic gooseneck of yellow summer squash. I bought a pound of it and for dinner I had Squash and Lima Beans.

What impressed me more than the squash was the farmer, I met Ralph and Kathy Packard who own the Misty Meadows Farm in Meade County. Two delightful people who are not shy at all to tell you about everything they have growing down on the farm. I have been to far too many “farmer’s markets” and seen boxes that were labled “California Organic” and people who were selling produce that they obviously purchased from a commercial vender. Ralph and Kathy are the real deal though… and everything I purchased from them was delightful.

The squash looked better than what I have pictured… I wanted everyone to see what Zephyr squash looked like… so if you see it at a farmers market buy it up. If we truly want to make an impact on our oil usage we should start asking where our food comes from. I have decided it’s not just in my best interest to purchase food that was grown or raised 50 miles or less from my home.

For more infromation about Misty Meadows farm… take a look at their website. I am definately going to be a repeat customer.

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