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I have been asked by a friend who wanted me to share some of my music. I’m reluctant to pass .mp3s because some of this is done in a professional studio setting and others, like Chad and Regina, have contributed their talents to in mixing, mastering and editing. Please don’t rip the music just listen here and enjoy.

This is a cover of Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence, thank you Chad for the nice engineering. You can Shazam it… back in my day I could imitate three vocal styles very good… one was the vocals of Depeche mode, the other Rick Astley (i won’t Rick Roll you) and I could also do a mean Elvis in my day.

      enjoy the silence - depeche mode

When I was in the Doo Wop Shop the last time I played with a new Noord Stage Synth… cost more than my car and my house put together. This was ad-hock and recorded into my iPhone with Apples Garage Band.

I want to know what love is – vocals to be added later, NOT.  But I still got to play with a Nord Stage… NICE!!!  Still hear a lot of mistakes in timing mostly in the Chorus so it will be a while.

      Piano Cover - I Wanna Know What Love Is (Foreigner)

Another encounter with the Nord Stage…. I’m in love.  This was done at the studio at the Doo Wop Shop.  Anyone got some extra gold bars?  Nothing too fancy, just something simple from memory to see how nice it handled.

      Piano Cover - Heaven (Bryan Adams)

Just a bit more of my music

This is a cover of Howard Jones it was very popular back when I was in high school.

      No One Is To Blame - Allen Prunty

This is U2’s Pride…. although a lot of people call it One Man or In the Name of Love.

      Pride (In the Name of Love) - Allen Prunty

And another one of my favorites…

Phil Collin’s Against all odds…

      Against All Odds - Allen Prunty

In the 1980’s there was one synthesizer that dominated the music scene… a Roland Jupiter-8 and if you can find one they are amazingly expensive while Van Halen used a german Oberheim synth this is the sound of a Jupiter-8 nothing sounds like the 80’s more than the Jupiter-8 the drums are a simple loop added in.

      Van Halen Jump Roland Jupiter 8

This is another one that I love… I call this While my Piano Softly Crys.

      While My Piano Softly Crys - Allen Prunty

This is another sequenced piece done on my old Roland Jupiter 8…. the thing died about three months ago (Nov 2019 RIP) but I got this finished and fully sequenced. This is instrumental… and epic monster. This is darker and a bit heavier than the Tears for Fears original.


This is one of Franz Liszt’s concerto’s it’s called Un Sospiro… “The Sigh” you can hear the piano breathing … but that’s not what’s really going on. I doubt back in Liszt’s time they would call a piece of music “The Orgasam” . wonder what that would be in latin “Un Orgasmo” anyhow enjoy and see if you can hear the climax. This is what got me my college scholarship.

      UN SOSPIRO - Allen


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