Looking Forward to Family Reunion 2010


It is almost that time again… and this year I am really looking forward to our family reunion.  As I write this, we are just a little more than one month away from the reunion.


I also can’t wait to see my 2nd Cousin Elizabeth (the pretty one holding the green checked box in the picture to the left).  She’s won a scholarship for photography and I am very proud of her… she is a very special young lady who graduated from high school this year.PICT1793


I have lost a little more than 100 pounds since the last family reunion.  I still have a little in the middle, but I am no where near what I was last year.  Yes… this is Me… in 2009.  I am ashamed to say I weighed in at 369 pounds.  Today I weigh 241… that’s a weight loss of 118 pounds… and I hope to continue to drop weight.  I never want to be that large again.  I was embarrassed to wear shorts… and I felt bad… really bad.  even my face looks different now.

Yes… I am very much looking forward to Family Reunion 2010!  Last year I just wanted to hide in a corner… I did not feel well, that’s not the case this year.


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