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This is for my friends at PagTen

My friends at Pagten… A lot of us have been through some cosmic $— (sorry wordpress censors things) here lately.  Tonight I had some energy to burn and I didn’t know what else to do and I have done some sound healing with my music. I wrote this piece with Zelizi in mind, but as […]

Extremeists EVERYWHERE

I am watching in horror as I see things on the news, on facebook, on the radio… EVERYWHERE where someone can congregate and be angry. I see large crowds protesting in Airports… Large crowds protesting in the streets blocking traffic. I see women dressed as Vaginas… and on the flip side I see people in […]

Boo: A Madea Halloween

As much as I like a Madea movie I enjoyed this one but was disappointed because a lot of the stuff that they showed on the previews wasn’t in the movie.  I won’t spoil it too much for those who haven’t seen it as it definitely has a funny story to it. Brother Joe and […]

If you don’t fit… please don’t sit!!!

You know my ass is getting OLD and cranky. While visiting a relative in the hospital… I ate a simple soup/salad lunch out today with mom and was comfortable in a booth I had PLENTY of room between my chest and the table. I don’t condone fat bashing as really I have no room but […]

Careful with medicine, alternative treatments, and pets.

I have a friend who rescues kitties who told me a very sad story about a poor little white kitten who needlessly died because of a popular alternative therapy treatment… a treatment that was 100% natural and organic.  Her owners tried to treat  fleas with tea tree oil.  While it is true that tea tree […]

Worst Experience Ever – Express Scripts

While at physical therapy today, my therapist asked me to describe exactly what my migraine headaches were like.  There really isn’t anything I can compare it to as the pain is not like anything I have ever experienced.  He offered to try a few things that might help the headache, but the were almost the […]

Fruit Pie Tacos from a muffin pan

Hopefully someday soon we will see some peaches or apples from our CSA.  This sounds like a winner of a recipe.  I’m sure it will delight your family.  I have baked things like this on our gas grill to avoid heating the oven… just watch your temp and check often… your mileage may vary. Have […]

Far Too Long since I’ve Posted

I’ve had a heck of a first half of 2015… I’ve struggled with my headaches and other illnesses terribly, but I am surviving.  I am very limited as to how long I can spend on the computer… sadly I’m lucky to make it 1 hour a day in 15 minute segments.  I did get my […]

Why I have been so quiet…

My dear friends, Many of you guys have wondered why my blog has fell silent… and for the past three years I have not been able to speak of what has went on in my life due to a lawsuit.  My lawsuit has been settled and now I am trying to pick up the pieces […]

Happy Holidays Mike and Della!

The Holiday season often puts me in contact with friends that I have long lost contact with.  The other day I saw a facebook post from Mike McGill, one of my oldest friends.  Back in the day (way back in the day) we swapped firefighting stories, went on search and rescue adventure training, and had […]

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