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Careful with medicine, alternative treatments, and pets.

I have a friend who rescues kitties who told me a very sad story about a poor little white kitten who needlessly died because of a popular alternative therapy treatment… a treatment that was 100% natural and organic.  Her owners tried to treat  fleas with tea tree oil.  While it is true that tea tree […]

Loving my new job… tomorrow is my Birthday… sigh

I am off weekends now… sooner or later this mess of a house will get cleaned.  Well maybe later than sooner.  I’ve been conquering the mountain of dirty laundry… trying to figure out what’s in fridge that died… and keep the three kitty monsters happy.   Anyhow… tomorrow is my Birthday.  Usually I don’t look […]

Elvis is back to his old personality…

I still don’t think he is fully out of the woods, but he is acting more like his self now… not as fat as he once was, but definitely up to his old rotten self. I’m feeding him anything he will eat… and he’s eating quite well. Also, Mom, that pretty new rug you gave […]

Elvis is EATING!!!

Good news (read blog post above) My Kitty, Elvis, ate today… and he ate a bunch. I don’t think he’s out of the woods, but this is the most joyful thing that could have happened. I’m decorating my home for the holidays now… was not in the mood before.

Nursing a sick kitty back to health.

How far would you go, how hard would you work, to save the life of a pet? My cat has Hepatic Lipidosis, and that’s not good, but we are workign to save him from the gripps of liver failure.

Hungry Kitties

  Need I say more!

Monster Kitty

I can’t believe how my little Elvis Kitty has grown… let’s just say that Little is not the word for the cat. When i first got him he was just a ball of fluff… and was so loving (he’s still loving but he’s a ball of something else). He was a kitten that we rescued […]

Two Kitties in the Window

These are my two kitties… it got cool enough last night to open the window and enjoy the fresh air. Of course the little clowns had to climb in the window and get some fresh air. In Lul’ville we have had near 100 degree heat now for a month straight. It was quite refreshing to […]