Batchelor Bites – Personal Meat Loafs

Batchelor Bites - Personal Meat Loafs

Bachelor Bites Personal Meat Loafs

Cook ahead and have your own meat loaf whenever you want.  As a single guy who likes to cook for himself and

have food ready for a few days in advance I have learned a trick or two (this one thanks to Rachel Ray’s magazine in a doctor office waiting room).

Make your favorite meat loaf… any recipe and use a non-stick muffin tin (reserve it for meat as it does not bake breads well after this) to bake your meat loafs.  The smaller size will have them done in about 12-15 mins… and if you want to get fancy to impress a lady frost with mashed potatoes… sprinkle with cheese and put back in for a min under a broiler to toast the potatoes and melt the cheese.

These little meat loafs freeze well, if they are not frosted with the mashed potatoes, and heat well in the microwave.  Just a touch of ketchup and you have a meal on hand whenever you want to grab it.

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