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Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

There’s nothing more stick to your ribs than chicken and dumplings.  This recipe can be made with a rotisserie chicken purchased at almost any grocery store for a very reasonable price.  If you play your cards right you can often make several tasty meals out of one rotisserie chicken. I find the best rotisserie chickens to be […]

Saggy Baggy Pants, Whale Tails, and Muffin Tops

OK… here I go again on my soapbox about how people dress now.  It’s sad that no one seems to take pride in their appearance anymore. Have you all noticed so many guys with Saggy Baggy Pants?  Yesterday I gave a good friend a ride from work and I had a jaywalker cross the street […]

Summer Vegetable Soup

Nothing is healthier for lunch than a good bowl of soup.  I made this to bring to work today for lunch.  It’s excellent pared with my Chicken Salad on Deli thins for bread.  Soup is something that has a high water content and is easily digestible.  It can be eaten year round and there are […]

Good Chicken Salad

Let’s face it, a good chicken salad on a croissant is a taste of the divine.  I like to keep a tub of Chicken or Ham Salad on hand for the days I don’t feel like cooking which happens about every third day in rotation.  Chicken salad is an American tradition and there are many […]

One Pan Chicken Chicken Cacciatore

  This is guaranteed to make your whole house smell wonderful… basal and oregano have the most wonderful scent together.  Facebook friends, go to my blog for the Full Recipe and yes this is my Kitchen in the pics, not much to see but it’s my home.  This was enough adding some basmati rice on […]