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Famly is Family

Family is Family no matter what. The older I get the more I realize it. Our time on earth is short, celebrate every excuse we have to celebrate, birthdays, Christmas, whatever. Every day is a GIFT! Love them like you may lose them tomorrow… life is just too short. Tara Raye (cousin), Me, Aunt Grace, […]

Merry Christmas Everyone

To all my friends and family across the world… Merry Christmas… please meditate and pray on peace… that everyone’s needs are fulfilled… and everyone finds the true comfort and joy of the season. We all have had our struggles this year, may 2011 be a much better year… may our soldiers come home safe… may […]

Elvis is back to his old personality…

I still don’t think he is fully out of the woods, but he is acting more like his self now… not as fat as he once was, but definitely up to his old rotten self. I’m feeding him anything he will eat… and he’s eating quite well. Also, Mom, that pretty new rug you gave […]

Elvis is EATING!!!

Good news (read blog post above) My Kitty, Elvis, ate today… and he ate a bunch. I don’t think he’s out of the woods, but this is the most joyful thing that could have happened. I’m decorating my home for the holidays now… was not in the mood before.

Cody Comes Home Today

My little cousin Cody gets to come home today, his scoliosis surgery was a success… and he will get to come home, still got a long hard journey to go through to heal.  As always, prayers for speedy healing and no pain.

Thanks Mom!!!

Two days off and I look around my house thinking about everythign I need to do.  Still nursing the kitty to health and he’s doing much better, just need to get him to eat on his own.  Thanks mom for the new kitchen rug… makes things very nice. Still have quite a bit of housework […]

Nursing a sick kitty back to health.

How far would you go, how hard would you work, to save the life of a pet? My cat has Hepatic Lipidosis, and that’s not good, but we are workign to save him from the gripps of liver failure.