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Praying for the President

Well folks… Obama has been inaugurated as our president… whether you voted for him or not is irrelevant at this time.  He -is- our president and we should pray and support him in any way we can. History was made today… and I pray that he stays safe, healthy and that he is given the […]

Mr. Goodbar – not so good anymore!!!

I’m about ready to go off… you just can’t get good chocolate anymore and now the latest victim of the economy is the once high quality Hershey’s Chocolate. My favorite candy bar -was- the Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar. It was simple… salted peanuts and high quality Hershey’s milk chocolate. That was before Christmas when I got […]

Monster Kitty

I can’t believe how my little Elvis Kitty has grown… let’s just say that Little is not the word for the cat. When i first got him he was just a ball of fluff… and was so loving (he’s still loving but he’s a ball of something else). He was a kitten that we rescued […]

When the passing of a friend really sinks in.

This Saturday I lost a dear friend… someone whom was a confidant… someone who listened and never judged… someone who I really cared about. I know this friend had many health problems and take comfort in the fact that they are no longer suffering and held down by the challenges their body placed on them. […]

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

There is absolutely nothing quite like fresh baked pumpkin bread… the smell is absolutely wonderful and it really makes the home feel like home. My family enjoys baking all kinds of goodies in the winter… it makes our kitchens warm and our hearts warmer. It is very important to use good quality spices. Please purchase […]